The Endocannabinoid System - what is it?

The body is designed with an intelligent network of communication that is over 600 million years old. It is a living program of intelligence with the ability to interface with the cells of the body in advanced ways. 

This ancient system communicates with all the other body systems for the ultimate goal of homeostasis or perfect equilibrium. The name of this dynamic system is the endocannabinoid system, also called the (ECS). 

It was not until the late 1990s that scientists became aware of its existence, and since its discovery the ECS has led researchers on an incredible exploration into levels of cellular communication that have never been seen before! 

The ECS is now understood to be a master regulatory system and works to bring all other body systems into balance. It has its hand in just about every body process and is capable of working dynamically to restore system imbalances, however when it is not functions properly it is implicated in illness and disease states. 

It is much easier to present disease than to cure it. The ECS is a symptomatic body system that can alert one to system imbalances. When addressed early, these imbalances can serve as a roadmap to realign the body to higher states of health. 

The ECS is a complex signaling system that offers a host of therapeutic benefits when supported properly. For this reason we investigate different ECS signaling pathways of the body and look for essential oil alternatives, nutritional foods, and phytonutrients that communicate within this ancient body system. 

Learn how to understand the ECS and the simple signals it sends to help the body maintain higher states of wellness. 


ECS Training Alliance - Our Purpose

The goal of the ECS Training Alliance is to create a hub for education and inspiration. It is for those looking to better understand the ECS so they can work more effectively to address their own body needs and share this with others. It is a consortium of professionals in their field that wish to share what they know. We create an area for individuals to network, gain information and explore alternative educational dynamics. The ECS Training Alliance is dedicated to bringing experts together to share, teach, empower and inspire. We align with people that offer exciting views and information that can enhance the knowledge and understanding the ECS and bring those insights to a wider audience

Evidence Based Education

The ECS Training Alliance offers education and training information surrounding the endocannabinoid system. We have a line of education and training tools for consumers that love adding essential oils to their daily health regimen. 

Some of these materials incorporate the use of dōTERRA products which have a strong synergy with ECS. The Endocannabinoid System and its Messengers is a 50 page booklet that spotlights the therapeutic benefits of essential oils with the signaling potential of the ECS.

It is an easy to follow informational booklet and contains supportive tools to be used in conjunction with dōTERRA essential oils. The informational training materials are evidence based and created through scientific peer reviewed papers and journals. 

 To learn more  visit the ECS training page.We also offer digital books that can be downloaded to a mobile phone, tablet or laptop. The digital books are a wonderful resources to be used as reference guides that can be taken anywhere. 

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As always we suggest you speak to your doctor or health practitioner before moving forward with any health or wellness program. 

We offer information that is not intended to diagnose or treat any medical condition. It is strictly for educational purposes only. 



Are you looking for organic clean options to nutritional cannabinoids and terpenes? Find out more essential oils


Amazing scientific back up and Elise Bailey is a phenomenal biologist right here on our doorstep in Newcastle...
Always answering questions for us and providing information in an easy format to understand.  thanks ECS so glad you're here for us all.



The science and knowledge Elise brings to this information is amazing and a blessing!

Annetta Casey

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I am so excited to see this actually happening and can't wait to do the training. when Elise was telling me about it months ago I was blown away and have patiently been waiting for this. Elise is truly passionate about this and I can't wait to learn more

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