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Our latest book titled The Body Systems and the Endocannabinoid System is available online. It is a perfect addition to your ECS library because it is packed full of valuable information for how the ECS influences each of the different body systems and what happens when things get out of balance.

If you want to know more about each body system and and the role the ECS plays in each, you will love this easy to follow book. It is packed full of colorful graphics and powerful charts and diagrams.

The publication is a digital download and perfect to be used as an easy to access reference guide. Take it anywhere because it is always with you on your mobile devices.  

Available on Amazon.com, Kindle, and Google Play. 


ECS training materials published by Aroma Tools: www.aromatools.com

Educational Tools - incorporating dōTERRA products

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The Endocannabinoid System (PowerPoint)
We are offering a free downloadable PowerPoint presentiation when you purchase the Endocannabinoid System training package. The link will be offered via AromaTools.com
The ECS and its messengers
ECS and its messengers: a basic overview
(tear off sheets)
Supporting and Activating the ECS
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Group Education and Training

A 2.5 hour comprehensive workshop - total cost: $199 US

The course is presented through the online platform Zoom. We will post scheduled events with opportunities to book a number of different dates each month. After completion of the event you will receive a certificate of completion and competency as a certified ECS training presenter. We will have no more than 20 participants at a time so that everyone can have a chance to interact and ask questions if necessary.

Course objectives:

  • Gain sound knowledge of the Endocannabinoid System educational tools.
  • Become a confident presenter of the ECS material.
  • Learn how to support your groups and downlines with understanding the material.
  • Learn successful presenting strategies that maintain interest and encourage excitement.
  • Learn how to use the educational business building tools to assist people to reach higher levels of wellness while also growing your business.          

This is a great way to get advanced training for this new science while adding to your business building strategies. Ultimately this knowledge can increase your business volume by offering a new level of biological information to your clients, while adapting these new understandings to target the ECS via the dōTERRA product line. It is an exciting way to benefit from phytocannabinoid therapies without utilizing cannabis. 

For anyone currently on a cannabinoid therapy, the science suggests the protocols outlined in the ECS materials, will only strengthen the overall benefits and will in no way be counter-productive. In fact this information may just be the answer you need to improve your results.   

More about our training and our ideals. Read More


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I am a dōTERRA wellness advocate

Are you a dōTERRA wellness advocate? If you are, you will love the educational tools and our new online training! We are very excited to be able to offer our newest training materials on how to support and activate the ECS through vital nutrients, essential oils, and dietary cannabinoids. All of the information is evidence based and supplies the reader with clear and precise information on the integrated pathways for ECS support. The educational materials offer options to utilise essential oil products and vital nutrients from the international essential oil company dōTERRA.

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