When looking to feed and nourish your ECS it is important to have clean, high-quality products. Many essential oils contain importanting signaling agents that can communicate within the ECS. They are wonderful options to target system receptors. We believe that dōTERRA essential oils are some of the best in the industry They are organic and sourced in an ethical and conscious way. When working with cannabinoids and terpenes it is important to have organic clean oils that are effective via therapeutic signaling pathways. The dōTERRA essential oils contain therapeutic grade constituents and could be a great option for you – Learn more about dōTERRA. 

If you are interested in trying some of the essential oils, you can order here – Check out dōTERRA essential oils. If you love the oils and want to register as a wholesale client, follow the link below and then register by clicking the join and save button. ( JOIN AND SAVE)

If you are a dōTERRA group leader and interested in learning more about presenting ECS science to your groups, we have a leadership training available regularly. Just look on our education and training pages or feel free to contact us via email. We are always happy to assist you. We are also available to work with you if you are looking for guidance on essentials and the ECS.