Bergamot has some great benefits

Bergamot essential oil contains a unique profile of constituents. It is packed full of flavonoids, polyphenols, pectins, and a host of other valuable compounds. Bergamot differs from other citrus fruits because of its unique composition of powerful flavonoids, which are found at particularly high levels (Nogata Y, et al., 2006). 
Because of the huge cannabinoid craze more research has been going into the value of plant constituents for human health. The information is reveling there are an unprecedented amount of benefits.

Many of these benefits are seen to be more successful when oils contain full plant extracts and contain as many of their constituents as possible. They all work together to support synergistic signaling.

For a long time the main school of thought has been that ingesting essential oils could prove harmful especially at excessive amounts however scientists have studied a wide array of plant-derived compounds that show things like polyphenols actually activate physiological processes that work to protect the body by strengthening our defense mechanisms toward noxious stimuli (Visioli F, 2015).

Clinical trials have shown that polyphenol rich foods such as those in bergamot provide a protective effect against chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, neurodegeneration and cancer. Studies even state they have preventive potential.

The oils are ingested and their constituents make their way to the circulatory system. The compound and its metabolites move through to the colon where they are degraded by the local microbiome which then release phenolic acids and other compounds that are absorbed again into the circulatory system (Lauro F, et al., 2016).

The constituents of bergamot are proving to be quite beneficial and can greatly support the body.

• Bergamot is shown to influence lipid and sugar metabolism
• It is shown to inhibit LDL oxidation
• It is a vasoprotective
• It is a free radical scavenger

Now here are a few big ones for you –

• Use of bergamot polyphenolic essential oil revealed that 
it assists with increasing glutamate levels in the spinal cord, it helps 
reduce SO, NO, ROS, and remove free radicals. 
• Bergamot is suggested to be an antioxidant and anti- 
inflammatory and a natural aid in reducing pain. 
• It has natural statin-like properties to help lower blood 
pressure (Di Donna L, et al., 2009).

It contains terpenes such as: 
• limonene 
• γ-terpinene
• linalool
• β-pinene 
• linalylacetate

By the way, some of the above terpenes activate the ECS. We are going to have to add this one to the list of great oils to support ECS signaling.

Have you used your bergamot yet?

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