Big News! Book Release: “The ECS and its messengers”

We are finally ready to release the Endocannabinoid system training tools. We have been waiting for the final edits to be approved by both AromaTools and dōTERRA. At last they will be online for purchase any day. Have a look on to find our booklet and tear pads. We do recommend you purchase all 3 products as they have been created to work together as a strong business and educational pack. First read the booklet titled “The Endocannabinoid system and its messengers” – The booklet delves deep into foundations for the Endocannabinoid system (ECS). The tear pads are titled: “The ECS and its messengers – a basic overview”, and “Support and Activate the ECS – a 3 step process”


The tear pads have been designed to encourage home classes and supply dōTERRA wellness advocates with tools that introduce new science for terpene and cannabinoid therapies. They can be handed out to participants within your groups allowing this info to go home with your guests. The materials recommend different foods and dōTERRA brand products that target the ECS. The tear pads also contain the 3 step process background info and recommendations on how to utilize the phytonutrients. And…. if that weren’t enough, we have a fantastic online course to teach you the basics of ECS science and biology so that you are confident to lecture and teach your own family, friends, and business networks. The two and a half hour course an be find online at our website and FB page. Book a course that is right for you – we currently have 4 different courses offered to accommodate an assortment of times and dates. The course is $199 US $299 AUD. Head over to the link and get your online training booked today!

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  • Guqinz

    I have been exploring the internet for any high-quality articles or blog posts on this sort of information. I finally stumbled upon this web site. Love your info and love your message. Thanks for all the great articles.

    • ecstraining

      We are thrilled you are getting lots of good insights from our materials. You can also follow us on FB for regular updates and articles. Our FB page is ECS Training Alliance

  • Is this going to be available in the UK?

    • ecstraining

      You should be able to get it in the UK. You will have to check with the publisher AromaTools Please also check back here we have a new book due out some time in the new year.
      Thanks for your support!
      ECS Training Alliance


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