Amazing Lemon Myrtle!

Amazing Lemon Myrtle

Get ready for the big Ka-BAM! 

• Strong antiviral
• Stimulates digestion
• Assists gastrointestinal issues
• Soothes mucus membranes
• Helps to break down mucus and phlegm
• Reduces inflammation in bronchial passages
• Fights infection of mucosa
• Clears and protects sinuses
• Kills bacterial infections that cause sore throats
• Reduces inflammation
• Cleans mouth and gum bacterial infections
• Anti-inflammatory in rheumatoid arthritis
• Assists with cramping due to its special constituents.
And so much more!

We have learned through our visits to the doctor that if we are unfortunate enough to contract a virus, there is no known cure for viral infections. The great news is that many plants in nature and therefore essential oils, successfully act as antiviral agents. We have also learned that alcohols in plants and essential oils possess antibacterial benefits. The latest science suggests that we can utilize the strengths of essential oils to attain support from stubborn viral infections and additionally address toxic bacterial build up causing infections.

For those of you that did not order your lemon myrtle you are really missing out! This essential oil is between 90 to 98 percent citral and citral is capable of doing amazing things in the body! Lemon myrtle also contains important minerals like magnesium, calcium and even zinc. They are even found in the plant in strong amounts. It also contains vitamins like A and E.


Scientific studies show that the terpene citral is a very strong suppressor of the herpes virus strains and we as a society know how far reaching this virus has spread. Replication of the virus is also inhibited by Melissa essential oil, and this is because of the presence of citrol, making lemon myrtle a supercharged contender. Additionally lemongrass has high levels of citral and is a little easier on the budget. Research shows this oil has a strong apoptotic action, meaning it great for helping dangerous cells die when they need to die, such as an overgrowth of cancer cells.

There is an interesting behaviour that is taking place and researchers have identified this unique behaviour. A complex relationship exists within the world of terpenes and plant constituents. Essential oils are said to show higher antiviral activity than individual compounds and they say it is due to a synergism phenomena, which simply means the plant is much more valuable to tackle our system challenges as the sum of its parts and not just as an individual piece of the puzzle. We have seen this with the endocannabinoid system and different phytonutrients that target this system, which is also referred to as the entourage effect.

So trust your guidance and intuition and do a little blending of some different oils that assist with addressing viral support If you have been told “There is really nothing we can do”.

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