Messenger molecules in essential oils

When learning to target the ECS it is very important to understand how messenger molecules communicate within the body. Those who deal with high grade essential oils realize that the essential oil compounds contain the pure intelligence of the plant. That intelligence has a way of communicating its information to the body in a language that the body can understand. If the body is damaged at any level of cell signaling, the intelligence can fall on deaf ears. Learning how to supply the body with what it needs to better communicate is the first step. Next gaining access to the messenger molecules that are capable of sending such high quality signals is key. Remember, the body can interpret and understand many different signals. Weak or broken signals can cause errors interpreting the messages. A great way to encourage the body to reestablish healthy signaling is through the use of high quality (CPTG) oils. This is certified pure • therapeutic grade • essential oil. This means the body can recognize and utilize the intelligence of the plant materials; the oils have been processed in a way that works to keep the cellular integrity of the original plant. There are very few providers of essential oils that can stand up to this sort of quality. It’s not enough to use essential oils if they do not contain intelligent messages for the body. dōTERRA oils stand up to this sort of high quality testing. The oils are certified to be clean, free from dangerous toxins, and offer therapeutic standards – meaning your body recognizes the oil messengers.

A good example is copaiba essential oil. Copaiba is known to activate (MAPK)signaling which is mitogen activated protein kinase signaling pathways. This is a pathway in the body that is responsible for creating important proteins. Proteins are needed for the body to create things. Other essential oils contain terpenes such as alpha-phellandrene. This terpene can signal to the body to launch natural killer cells (NKs) and macrophages. Natural killer cells launch into actions to help fight things like cancers.  Macrophages which work to protect from invasive pathogens. Macrophages are the garbage men of the body and do all they can to clean up a mess.

  • Learn to work with essential oils that offer instructions to cells.
  • Learn how to spot the difference.
  • Learn how to source.
  • Learn how to work with intelligent plant molecules that your body can recognize and understand.
  • Most of all,  learn how to tap into the inner wisdom of your signaling networks so that you give your body the nutrients it needs to support its own healing process.

ECS Training Alliance is dedicated to spotlighting this sort of information.

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