Chamazulene: an exciting therapeutic terpene

Chamazulene interacts with cells in our bodies in a way that helps to protect from damage. Extensive research has shown that chamazulene is a strong free radical scavenger.  Free radical scavengers help to clean up tiny loose particles that can damage cells. They change the charge of molecules by affecting the electrons, which are negatively charged particles found in all cells. This can  ultimately cause them to become reactive and unbalanced. Chamazulene helps to maintain a safe cellular level of free radicals. 

The free radical scavenging activity of chamazulene prevents free radicals from wreaking havoc on a variety of other healthy biological molecules. A March 2018 study showed that chamazulene helps reduce levels of dangerous oxygen-containing free radicals, known as reactive oxygen species (ROS).3 ROS are natural by-products of oxygen, but they are highly reactive. If they occur in unmanageable levels, they can inflict cellular stress. Because chamazulene helps to address ROS levels, it is suggested to offer protection against ROS damage.

Chamazulene also has antioxidant activities, another measure that can keep free radicals at a manageable level.3–6 Antioxidants are molecules that inhibit oxidation damage or oxygen-decay of other molecules and cells. Oxidation processes are believed to create even more free radicals. Because chamazulene has antioxidant and free radical scavenging properties, it is thought to be useful for protecting cells from free radicals and promoting overall cellular health.

Chamazulene may also help to promote more healthy cellular responses during stress states. During the body’s response to physical stressors, cells produce certain proteins at higher levels than usual. When chamazulene interacts with these proteins, it causes the protein’s biological activity to change, neutralizing the potential risk for damage in the body. This suggests that chamazulene can play a role in keeping certain cellular responses healthy.


  • Chamazulene is a main constituent in Blue Tansy essential oil
  • Chamazulene is suggested to offer protection to cells by managing the levels of reactive molecules produced by normal metabolism.
  • It may also promote a healthy immune response.
  • Additional new dōTERRA product (Yarrow Pom) contains Chamazulene
  • Chamazulene Acts on the PPARγ receptor.
  • PPARγ regulates fatty acid storage and glucose metabolism, this is important when dealing with inflammation. This receptor is part of the larger integrated endocannabinoid system.


Some of the content from this article has been published and presented through dōTERRA for the 2018 U.S. Dream convention and more information can be found.

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